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Arduino: Super Graphing Data Logger

December 31, 2012


The intensity of natural light in my basement.

Sections: Introduction The Results How to Make One For Yourself HC.htm EEPROM_config SGDL Introduction What is the Super Graphing Data Logger (SGDL)? It is an Arduino project that integrates data logging and the graphing of this data online using little more than an Arduino with the appropriate shields and sensors.   It differs from similar […]

Has the world ended yet? A first attempt at web development

December 16, 2012



Despite the sheer nuttiness of it, everyone keeps going on about the end of the world as “predicted” by the Mayan calendar. National Geographic even had and entire day devoted to it. Building on that theme, I decided to make a very convenient (and pretty much useless) webpage that helps you figure out if the […]

Velo Orange Temple Bell!

June 2, 2012


The final result: angle four

My Surly Long Haul Trucker has fairly thick handle bars and I never had much luck finding a bell that would fit. Lacking a bell turns out to be a huge problem on Calgary pathways, which are regularly populated by slow and often oblivious pedestrians. For a while now I have relied on verbal warnings, […]

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BeagleBone: Making a Home Media Server

May 24, 2012


rtorrent startup script

There are plenty of products available to the person who wants a functioning NAS out of the box, though I’ve never really been that type. By using a versatile board like the BeagleBone as a home media server, I can make a project that is more than a simple networked storage solution. It also affords […]


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